There are two strategic partners we are looking for in 2018. These trusted third party relationships will establish trust and credibility in Galaxycoin, something clients do not have with any crypto-currency today. The first is an auditing partner who will monitor our chain on a daily basis and provide real world auditing services. This partner will be invited to be a miner and have a full copy of the Galaxycoin blockchain to monitor daily activity.

Our second partner will become our asset supplier. With these two partners we will not only grow the next generation commodities trading blockchain we will also establish its genuine value. With the right partners we will build a trusted blockchain and continue to link real world assets to blockchain technology.

The ground work has already been designed and tested in BETA for over a year. In 2018 we are now operating our blockchain in live production mode and ready to educate and establish new relationships with our strategic partners.


Building our partner relationships will help us build the next generation blockchain faster than we can do on our own. Partners will need to add specific value to Galaxycoin such as marketing, overall credibility, mining, accounting, transaction verification and even technical support. Suppliers can benefit by increasing the sales of commodities and be introduced to more import / export opportunities. With partners we all benefit as Galaxycoin grows into the next generation of blockchain.