Keep It Simple

Our development team wanted to provide a very easy way for people to invest in cryptocurrency and actually understand how it works. We are here to provide an informational website that explains the overall implementation of blockchains so that people who are not computer savvy can understand and feel comfortable investing in a cryptocurrency they can trust. Galaxycoin is implementing a highly secure blockchain that provides customers with access from any device, the latest security features and an actual cryptocoin that is backed by real assets. We realized there was a need to actually back cryptocurrency by something other than miners making cryptocurrency out of thin air. The process of mining cryptocoins is very counterproductive and uses an enormous amount of energy and resources. In the beginning it was a great concept but as the mining industry grows its becoming a reality that owning other cryptocurrencies bears a high risk and is backed by nothing. 

Our crypto-asset currency integrates blockchain with added security measures in order to keep better control over transactions. We provide a semi-anonymous way for clients to buy or hold precious metals using digital assets and transfer these assets to other users with only a few clicks. We are focused on the user interface, user experience and the core features and options of asset based cryptocurrency. When you access your Galaxycoin wallet you will see features and options that make holding and transferring precious metals easy and clear. 


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