Crypto-Currency Scams

Crypto scams is in its infancy and it will continue to grow as blockchain and other distributed ledger and decentralized internet technologies evolve. We want to mention a few things about that will help build confidence in how we handle security.


There is only one Galaxycoin (GXY) that provides precious metal crypto asset-chain investments online. Although you may find other Galaxycoin businesses when searching in Google they are in no way affiliated with In order to be sure you are using we advise our clients to always check your browser before entering any information. Be aware of which site you are on before entering your password or other sensitive information. Galaxycoin features exist as subdomains, for example is where new clients can sign up for a new account. The first part of the address “www” is replaced with a specific name. Always remember Galaxycoin is a .IO domain and will always end with


At we do not send emails to clients for account recovery and other sensitive account information. This reduces hacking and fraudulent emails to our clients. If you receive an email from that asks you to submit sensitive information it was not from us.


Two factor authentication is simply a requirement for all accounts. When you start a new account with us you will be asked to set up two factor authentication in order to log in. Our suggestion is using the mobile app Authy in order to store your two factor authentication code. Google Authenticator also works well but currently there is no way to back up your code. Authy offers ways to back up your code on several devices by linking your authentication code in the cloud. If you lose access to your authentication code because your device was stolen, broken or upgraded you will not have access to your assets. Backing up your code is very important in case your mobile device fails. Your authentication code and account recovery code are the only access to your assets. Security is taken very seriously at, absolutely no account access will be granted to clients who have lost their keys.

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