Headquarters and blockchain development is based out of South America. South America supports blockchain development and Galaxycoin developers will continue to develop blockchain applications in countries who will accept and grow distributed ledger technology. Mineral reserves are strong in South America which helps manage the asset side of this application and in the last ten years hi-tech has been moving to South American cities at a rapid rate.


Secure blockchain asset reserves are set up in North America and South America. General locations indicate where reserves are being stored. For the safety of clients, exact locations are not provided and for the protection of client privacy all blockchain transactions and client identities remain private. Galaxycoin Explorer will only show hash and block information. Reserves do not correlate with the location of galaxycoin nodes.

Asset Reserves

• Lima, Peru SA
• Dallas, TX USA
• Oklahoma City, OK USA
• New York, NY USA

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Galaxycoin Developers
Dexa Engineering E.I.R.L.
Lima, Perú

Galaxycoin Help Line
10AM - 3PM CST M-F
smsor phone +1 (469) 549-1100

Help line available in English/Spanish with English native speakers. All account activities can be accomplished online. If a live representative is needed and assisting another client, you can leave a message. For faster responses send a text, submit a message or use the chat box in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

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