Coins vs. Assets

Asset based coins will never be traded in exchanges because they are pegged to real assets. Asset based coins cannot be traded for non-asset based coins. Non-asset coins can only be liquidated by trading them for other crypto-currencies through exchanges or cash for coins. The benefit of holding asset based coins is crypto-currency crashes will not a affect the value of the assets you hold. They are completely independant and have no connection to crypto tokens or crypto currencies. Galaxyshares can produce better returns but owning Galaxyshares is strictly a speculative coin with value based on investor interest.

Participating in Galaxycoin investments will allow you to diversify your portfolio by holding low risk or high risk coins, assets and minerals. All assets and coins are not subject to the levels of hacking that a crypto exchange brings which allows you to hold your coins with more confidence and protection. Due to the problems with fraud and pump and dumps linked to ICOs (initial coin offerings) we currently do not plan on building our business model around an ICO. Although an ICO may bring us faster growth we intend to be around a lot longer than 99% of ICO scams. Maybe we are wrong but we feel focusing on an ICO is just wasting time that could be spent developing code solutions to benefit our client base and build our trading platform.

GXY - Galaxycoin
An asset based fiat coin tied to the US dollar. This coin is pegged to the US dollar and will not change in value. This coin is used for transfer fees and can also be directly traded between addresses and used to purchase asset coins. The coin is held in escrow and FDIC insured. The current peg rate is 0.5 GXY = 1.00 USD.

GXYR - Galaxyshares
This is not an asset coin, therefore it carries higher risks. This is an investment coin for investors to invest in our development team by purchasing shares in our company. In order to improve our user interfaces and manage the connections between crypto and assets we need to continue growing our development team. Your investment in shares helps us build a better team and make Galaxycoin successful. The value of this coin is not pegged to any fiat currency or tangable asset and carries normal cryptocurrency investment risk. This coin is not tranferrable to asset based coins and can be heavily manipulated by markets. You can purchase this coin using Bitcoin through our site. We are working to have GXYS listed on some of the popular exchanges. Please invest responsibly and understand the risks and difference betweeen crypto coins and crypto assets.

GXYG - GalaxyGold
A pure asset. The asset value is represented in gold grams and traded in grams. This asset is liquidated in 20 gram gold bars and stored in secure locations.

GXYS - GalaxySilver
A pure asset. This asset value is represented in silver grams and traded in grams. This asset is liquidated in 20 gram silver bars and stored in secure locations.