Bitcoin Is Not Decentralized

There is this idea that blockchains are completely decentralized and maybe this was the intention of blockchain developers in the beginning, but this is surely not the case most of the time. Let’s take a look at the typical growth of the Bitcoin blockchain to understand how most if not all crypto currencies are centralized … Read more

2018 Partners & Software

Below we outline some of the goals for this year. We are offering Galaxyshares this year. Keep in mind these are not real assets and thier value is based completely on our success. Galaxyshares are a way for investors to invest in software development. Since we are not like other crypto-currencies our team is … Read more

Blockchain Scams

Blockchain scams are on the rise and we are here to help reduce this concern. Our team has worked with two emerging markets. Since 2006 we have seen so many companies come and go and we expect the same when it comes to blockchain. So much money is being funded and raised to develop blockchain … Read more

Private vs. Public Blockchains

There are many advantages to private blockchains. Advantages include tighter security and less fraudulent activity creating a much more stable investment platform. Since Galaxycoin is an asset based blockchain there is an endless supply of coins based on market demand. This is one of the big advantages over bitcoin. Private blockchains are not private in … Read more

Crypto-Currency Scams

Crypto scams is in its infancy and it will continue to grow as blockchain and other distributed ledger and decentralized internet technologies evolve. We want to mention a few things about that will help build confidence in how we handle security. GALAXYCOIN.IO There is only one Galaxycoin (GXY) that provides precious metal crypto asset-chain … Read more

Virtual Currency Tied To Real Assets

The encryption used to create Bitcoin, one of the first crypto-currencies has proven to be a crucial start which has built confidence in how crypto-currency works. However, there is a key problem with most crypto-currencies today. They hold no intrinsic value. If there was a crash they would just evaporate out of thin air. This … Read more

Keep It Simple

Our development team wanted to provide a very easy way for people to invest in cryptocurrency and actually understand how it works. We are here to provide an informational website that explains the overall implementation of blockchains so that people who are not computer savvy can understand and feel comfortable investing in a cryptocurrency they … Read more