Blockchain Scams

Blockchain scams are on the rise and we are here to help reduce this concern. Our team has worked with two emerging markets. Since 2006 we have seen so many companies come and go and we expect the same when it comes to blockchain. So much money is being funded and raised to develop blockchain applications most of which have failed before they even got started. Rest assured we are here to stay for a very long time and we are here to build usable blockchain applications that create real wealth and real value. Precious metal assets are long term investment plans and we would not spend over a year in development and then abandon the project and our clients.

We know that some clients will be uncomfortable with investing in Galaxycoin so we made investment simple and inexpensive. A new client does not even have to buy anything because it costs nothing to hold an account. If a new client wants to participate in buying precious metals they can invest very small amounts less than $100 to get started. Although larger investments will have the benefit of claiming real assets, there is no requirement to invest large amounts.

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