Galaxycoin accounts using fictitious names or fictitious identities will not be approved. All identity information will be verified before an account is set up and can take up to two business days. We handle identity and security seriously and will not tolerate fraudulent activity on our network.

All clients will be responsible for reporting capital gains taxes.

SECURE YOUR PRIVATE KEY does not use email or third party applications for account recovery. If you lose your account Keystore file or private key you will not be able to liquidate assets linked to your account address. Guard your private key like the keys to your car or your apartment. DO NOT copy paste your key onto a USB drive, store it on any electronic device or share it with anyone. Anyone with access to your private key can steal your assets. 

Make a cold copy of your private key by writing it down on paper or printing a copy and store your private key in a safety deposit box. Galaxycoin does not have a copy of your private key and cannot reproduce your private key. If you suspect someone is watching your screen while you copy your private key you can refresh your browser to produce a new key set.

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