To provide an easy to use asset based privately managed digital platform for clients to buy and sell precious metals without using a central or banking authority. To educate clients about blockchain technology.

Galaxycoin is leading the market in blockchain asset investments by providing real assets to clients in the form of virtual currency. Investing in real assets provides clients with a secure investment future and is very different than stock market investments. Clients can actually own assets and will have access to claiming their assets. Owning assets is one of the most important parts of smart investments. Based on the instability of stock markets and economies around the world, clients around the world are turning to owning real assets such as precious metals and real estate instead of cash. Precious metals are used in just about every product owned today. Gold and silver is used in electronic devices and without these basic materials advanced technologies would cease to exist. There will always be a demand for these materials and as technology grows to new levels the demand will only increase.