2018 Partners & Software

  • Below we outline some of the goals for this year.
  • We are offering Galaxyshares this year. Keep in mind these are not real assets and thier value is based completely on our success. Galaxyshares are a way for investors to invest in Galaxycoin.io software development. Since we are not like other crypto-currencies our team is being honest and will always warn you to invest responsibly. If you want to hold real assets then we recommend you purchase real assets not shares.
  • We do not have any immediate plans to enter the wild wild west of crypto currency exchanges because our technology, implementation and overall corporate vision is very different than crypto-currencies trading today. We would prefer not to go down with all cryptos when the market crashes so this is why we are hesitating to offer trading of Galaxyshares in such an unregulated and volatile market. Our team is focused on building better blockchain software, organizing the link between the outside world and blockchain transactions and being around well after the crypto bubble pops.
  • Software features we will be improving and adding:
    • Improved Galaycoin.io blockchain Explorer
    • Improved wallet functions including liquidation and transaction logs
    • A social connection of addresses so groups can collaborate easier when bartering and trading
    • Easier verification process
    • Portable address book – discussing this with the development team
    • Fraud detection and email alerts

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